Marie Chimkovitch – kunstschilder

bio Marie Chimkovitch VAN GENT

Marie Chimkovitch  is a self-taught painter. Drawing and painting are ways to communicate with the world, to become part of it and to interiorize its beauty, strength or emotions. Whether she paints portraits, city views, landscapes, musicians or imaginary worlds, Marie invites the viewer to experience the reality of her subjects through her interpretation of them.

For several years now, Marie Chimkovitch has been asked for live painting sessions during concerts. At Place Musette (Ghent Festival), she works under the spotlights and realizes one big painting during the time of a concert. During the Festival Mozart (Waterloo chamber music festival), she works at the back of the concert hall during one week or more and exhibits the result of her activity after the concerts. She loves to capture the atmosphere of a place or a concert, the movements of the musicians, etc.

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